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Fundacja „Oświata i Nauka Bez Granic PRO FUTURO”

ul. Łagiewnicka 102/116 m.51, 91-456 Łódź


tel.: +48 538 894 438


KRS 0000438455; NIP 7262650748; Regon 101496922

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Druk: PIKTOR, ul. Tomaszowska 27, Łódź,

Nakład: papier - 300 szt., na płytach CD - 300 szt.



The fund Education and Knowledge without borders «PRO FUTURO», Lodz (Poland) issues a periodical (quarterly) KELM scientific and practical magazine. The desire to create an open space for discussion, within which it would be possible to present the results of their own scientific research, new approaches to a wide range of problem issues from various fields of science, is a one of the reasons for which we decided to create a magazine.


KELM (Knowledge, Education, Law, and Management) is found in 2013, which is assigned ISSN 2353-8406, since the magazine has since become a means of communication and exchange of scientific thought, as well as presentation of the most pressing problems existing at the state and international levels.


It is known that none of the scientific magazines can’t exist without the use of information technology currently, but only some fully utilize the potential of these tools. The main concept of KELM is the dissemination and exchange of information from a wide range of audiences, which is why, along with the printed version, an electronic version distributed online is also available. In this way, anyone who visits to our website can download the desired KELM number and ask for information that he / she is interested in.


The science articles, reviews and responses are accepted in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian languages ​​and in other languages ​​of the EU countries. Members of the KELM Editorial Board heartily invite you to review the editorial requirements and invite you to collaborate.







Nr 1 (13) 2016

Nr 2 (14) 2016

Nr 3 (15) 2016

Nr 4 (16) 2016

Nr 1 (9) 2015

Nr 2 (10) 2015

Nr 3 (11) 2015

Nr 4 (12) 2015

Nr 1 (1) 2013

Nr 2 (2) 2013

Nr 3 (3) 2013

Nr 4 (4) 2013


Nr 1 (5) 2014

Nr 2 (6) 2014

Nr 3 (7) 2014

Nr 4 (8) 2014


Nr 1 (17) 2017

Nr 2 (18) 2017

Nr 3 (19) 2017

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Przewodniczący Rady Redakcyjnej: prof. dr hab. JANUSZ NICZYPORUK

(Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Polska)


Sekretarz Redakcji: doc. dr EWA JASIUK

(Wyższa Szkoła Handlowa w Radomiu, Polska)


Członkowie kolegium redakcyjnego:

prof. dr hab. ANNA PRZYBOROWSKA-KLIMCZAK (Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Polska)
prof. dr hab. ANDRZEJ PANASIUK (Uniwersytet w Białymstoku, Polska)
prof. dr hab. EWA CZECH (Uniwersytet w Białymstoku, Polska)
prof. dr EVGEN LUK'YANCHIKOV (National Technical University of Ukraine KPI, Ukraine)
prof. dr hab. PETRO HUSAK (Eastern European National University, Ukraine)
doc. dr OLEG BATIUK (Uzhhorod National University, Ukraine)
prof. dr hab. PETRO SAVCHUK ( Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine)
doc. dr SVITLANA CHERNETA  (Eastern European National University, Ukraine)
doc. dr YURIY HOFMAN (Eastern European National University, Ukraine)

prof. dr hab. VALERII KOLESNYK (Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, Ukraine)

prof. dr hab. IRYNA HORA (Academy of Advocacy of Ukraine, Ukraine)